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Global Epidemic

Rising global urbanization has led to a steady increase in respiratory illnesses. Pollution, smoking, second-hand inhalation and biomass-based cooking are contributing to both Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) and Obstructive Airways Diseases (OAD) like Asthma. Together, respiratory illnesses affect an estimated 650 million globally, which is nearly 10% of world’s population. Despite their significant impact on quality of life, a significant number of OAD and COPD cases remain undiagnosed, under-diagnosed or inaccurately diagnosed.


Spirometry is the workhorse of pulmonary lung function testing, and can provide significant information about patient’s lung function. Spirometry is an established method to detect both obstructive and restrictive respiratory illnesses. However, spirometers have not seen much use outside the PFT lab due to the fact that commercial spirometers are designed to work in clinical environments, to be operated by well-trained technicians. As a result, spirometry remains generally limited to larger hospitals and dedicated Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) labs.

PulmoScan: Bringing Airway Testing to Masses.

PulmoScan: Bringing Airway Testing to Masses

Cognita Labs has developed PulmoScan, a next generation of smart portable airway diagnostic device, with an assistive coaching tablet application and a cloud support. PulmoScan's innovative zero-effort quick test makes it possible to integrate respiratory diagnosis in primary care workflows and to customize its use in different contexts. PulmoScan was developed from ground-up to allow minimally trained medical professionals to conduct accurate airway testing. Click here for more information.

CapMedic: Most Comprehensive Solution for Improving MDI Compliance

We have developed world’s first inhaler attachment for MDI, that can measure inhaler use with high granularity. Cognita’s CapMedic can measure correctness of inhaler use, time and frequency of its use. Please visit the website for more information.